Guided Fishing Trips in Nova Scotia

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Fishing Guide
WE NOW OFFER FISHING BY THE HOUR for those that don't want a full or half day trip! For $30 an hour for one person or $40 an hour for 2 people you can fish as long or as little as you want. Full (8 hr) and half (4 hr) day trips also available. Arrive at our dock on Ponhook Lake in Greenfield. It's about 16 minutes inland from either Bridgewater or Liverpool in Southwestern Nova Scotia (Southshore). We'll depart from there so you'll be fishing within minutes. This rate covers guide, boat and gear.  Call 902-701-2035 or 350-1700.  Great summer Bass fishing but If you don't catch anything we'll only charge you for the boat fuel.

Nova Scotia has superb bass and trout fishing. Join licensed guide Gary Corbett for freshwater fishing trips on lakes and streams in southwestern Nova Scotia. All equipment supplied. Gary uses a 16 or 20 ft fully equipped bass boat for smallmouth bass fishing and smaller boats for trout fishing as required. Fishing licenses are not included and currently run $12.71 for a resident or non-resident 1 day freshwater permit. Kids don't need a license. Licenses are available at the gas station in Greenfield. Trout season is open from April 1st til September 30; the month of September is restricted to catch & release. The best trout fishing is during the months of April, May and June. In southwestern Nova Scotia summer fishing is best done for bass. The bass fishing season is open until October 31.  

Gary Corbett is a 62 year old retired Biologist. He has extensive experience in the outdoors, fishes bass tournaments and spends a lot of time fishing Ponhook Lake. 

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For a change of pace; how about Shad fishing in the Annapolis Valley. Please watch this video:

Guided Fishing Trips in Nova Scotia

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